Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Few snapshots of brutality over Adivasi on 27th Nov at Guwahati

There are many barbaric incidents occured on that day at Guwahati, how ever these are few snapshots taken by different reporters.
After beaten up by the local people, these people had their last breath.

Here Police, who are supposed to save people, are also involved in pouring their inherited anger.

Now he is being escaped from the local people, but his body is waiting for four shoulders only.

Adivasi are waiting to be treated inside the hospital, but doctors denied to treat. Later on those doctors were suspended.

Two adivasi are being trapped between 30-40 local people. India ruled under British was better.

Adivasi woman dragged by a local guy as if a dog drags dead calf for its food.

Adivasi lady stripped and chased by local people. We call it Free India.